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We are Recruiting: Junior Health and Safety Consultant

The Business:

Nicholas James Safety Solutions Ltd is a chartered construction consultancy company which delivers health & safety advice and support to property owners, occupiers and business owners.

Our director has an extensive track record of managing and supporting complex projects in the construction, leisure, hotel, commercial, residential, government and education sectors.

Nicholas Procter and Janine Procter are the founders of the business. They have built a reputation for working collaboratively with clients and blue-chip business owners. The Nicholas James Safety Solutions Ltd team are building an excellent business that persons will be proud to be a part of and clients are keen to work with.

This approach is the key to the success of the business and Nicholas James Safety Solutions Ltd enjoys building long term relationships with all those they collaborate with. The company’s strengths include the hands-on style of the directors, the quality of the staff they endeavor to employ, a very strong supply chain and simply the whole team’s passion for delivering a first-class product.

The Junior Health and Safety Consultant Role:

The Junior Health & Safety Consultant will report to the Directors and undertake/ assist in all duties associated with meeting the requirements of the Nicholas James Safety Solutions Ltd H&S department including the Safety Management System (ISO SMS). The following list is not exhaustive; however, it provides an indication of the duties involved for the foreseeable future(s).

  • Undertake physical site inspections on allocated projects (subject to client’s requirements.

  • Undertake scaffold inspections on allocated projects (subject to client’s requirements

  • Arrange and attend NJS directors’ site inspections of projects on a monthly basis.

  • Investigate accidents/ incidents and certain near misses. Provide recommendations to prevent further occurrences. Make known and discuss all findings/ recommendations throughout the company by issuing safety alerts authorised by the director.

  • Be based on a project for short periods if required.

  • Not to knowingly permit any person to undertake any tasks for which a risk assessment and method statement has not been prepared.

  • Identify and propose ways of improving trade contractor performance for our clients.

  • Provide advice to the client’s team relating to high risk activities. Including assessing certain high-risk documentation.

  • Issue written reports on the results of the site safety inspections or safety audits identifying corrective actions including permitted close out times.

  • Visit site after a reportable incident has taken place to ensure that the appropriate actions have been taken and the incident has been reported to the HSE.

  • Build relationships with clients CDM Principal Designers (PD) and ensure that their requirements for the H&S file are being dealt with by the client’s project team.

  • Attend occasional project H&S meetings and monitor their effectiveness.

  • Assist clients project teams to fulfil their obligations in respect to handover documentation and information requested by the CDM PD

  • Advise the Nicholas James Safety Directors of any client staff who persistently fail to pay H&S due regard.

  • Monitor the Nicholas James Safety Solutions trade contractor pre-qualification process.

  • Assess certain Nicholas James Safety Solutions pre-qualification questionnaires.

  • Monitor and manage client’s collation of accident statistics/ man hours worked/ safety league(s)/ 4 weekly look ahead meetings.

  • Assist the Nicholas James Safety director with the annual review of the following documentation:

  1. The fullSMS

  2. SMS Forms

  3. SMS plans

  4. All statutory record keeping

  5. Staff induction process

  6. Company H&S policy

  • Keep up to date and disseminate the latest legislation changes, HSE initiatives and industry standards.

  • Where required, be involved with tender processes for new client’s projects from an H&S perspective.

  • Ensure archiving of all safety paperwork is carried out correctly.

  • Maintain records of reportable accidents / incidents, near misses and dangerous occurrences on behalf of our clients.

  • Review and keep up to date with current and new safety legalisation and maintain a central electronic H&S information library.

  • Ensure records are maintained of HSE visits to our client’s sites.

  • Ensure records are maintained of project safety audits/ inspections.

  • Maintain an accident book log and ensure all accident books and the relevant pages are returned to the Nicholas James Safety Solutions head office.

  • Communicate any areas where the H&S policy cannot be implemented.

  • Manage and update the Nicholas James Safety Solutions Ltd H&S training programmes.

  • Carry out Nicholas James Safety Solutions safety inductions for new staff.

  • Undertake certain internal training courses.

  • Ensure Nicholas James staffs’ H&S qualifications are kept up to date.

  • Identify and advise the Nicholas James Safety Directors of any particular training needs.

  • Where necessary, prepare, chair and minute Nicholas James Safety Solutions team/ ISO meetings.

  • Capture and encourage innovations, and new H&S initiatives from the wider industry our own staff and trade contractors.

  • Promote best practice at all times.

  • Manage and oversee the Social media and advertising platforms for Nicholas James Safety Solutions business – Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

  • Manage, maintain and oversee the Nicholas James Safety Solutions website and emails.

  • Liaise and build relationships with established H&S bodies, including the HSE, British Standards, EA, IOSH and CHSG etc.

  • Ensure the Nicholas James Safety Solutions head office complies with all H&S legislation including the following:

  1. Fire safety risk assessments

  2. Inspections

  3. Inductions

  4. Assist the office manager with maintaining the fire log

The Approach

We wish our Junior Health and Safety Consultant to take the following approach to their role:

  • With an air of confidence but never arrogant.

  • Helpful, collaborative, strong, able to compromise, organised, structures, prepared, practical and to encourage others.

  • Engender a feeling of pride in producing a very high-quality product, delivered in a safe environment. Influence the whole team(s) in this way, including the client, consultants, suppliers and your own internal team.

  • Work collaboratively with the CDM principal designers, client’s team and consultants. Try to understand their problems and frustrations.

  • Do not let problems and issues fester and do not ignore them. Act on problems and if you need help with something or think you may be out of your depth or have run out of ideas – please ask for assistance.

  • Lead by setting a personal example and actively promote the company’s commitment to effective safety management at all levels.


Please send your CV and cover letter to

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